My Fitness Diary – Nov 16th

This has definitely been my favourite week so far since revamping my fitness regime! I suddenly feel like I have really found my feet, I’ve eaten well, cut out the dreaded Cola (in all forms) and become much more confident in my capabilities. 

Aside from all of that I’ve found myself looking forward to the gym and actually had to made to have a rest day this weekend! Is this the start of a new me?

Maybe so. I will admit I’ve not felt my best this week and felt really dehydrated for no apparent reason, however, for once I didn’t just sit on my bum and use it as excuse to head home and stay under the duvet. I worked through it and felt better for it. One of the hardest things this week has been cutting out the Cola, now don’t get me wrong, I don’t drink loads of it, just a can at lunch or mid-afternoon as a little pick me up. But it’s amazing how much your body becomes accustomed to your daily intake and misses little things like this when you cut it out!

I also go to the stage this week where I needed a re-fuel day. I felt really drained, had headache and generally just horrid. So I treated myself to a lovely fresh croissant for breakfast, a jacket potato for lunch and then a veggie sausage sandwich and chips for tea. I felt so much better and really enjoyed myself! 

Instead of doing full body work outs this week I have been doing targeted sessions. Two on the upper body and two on the lower, along with a low intensity cardio session. I have really enjoyed these and wanted to share them with you so here you are. Both are made up of six exercises design to help you tone up, four sets of each wit reps varying from 8-15 with 2 minutes rest between each rep. Enjoy!