My Fitness Diary – Nov 2nd

So I thought this week might be a little harder due to social commitments and I was right, I only managed 4 of 6 workouts and my diet went out of the window a little…

It was all down to a lack of preparation, they always say if ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ don’t they? Wow that’s true! That’s what ruined my diet – not forward planning and making sure I had enough in or not making the time to prepare my meals in advance and having to make do with what I could get at work. Unfortunately that seemed to mean upping my carb intake – potatoes, bagels, bread rolls etc. not great. So this week I’ve got myself prepared, I’ve got in what I need for my breakfast and lunch and will make sure I make time to prepare my meals in advance!

Training wise I missed days 5 and 6 (one strength day and one cardio day) – however, I stayed as active as I could on my rest days and tried not to go overboard on the Halloween sweets! On the days I made it I felt more confident in what I was doing – increasing the weights and intensity and not suffering as much the next day. I’ve definitely started to reap the benefit of increased energy as well now and combined with the clocks changing I’m finding it much easier to wake in a morning. I’m also sleeping better and have monitoring my sleep patterns with the MotionX app for iPhones.

Although I gained a little this week I’m not overly disappointed as I didn’t feel I had done particularly well and it might mean I’m becoming a little leaner.

This week I wil be introducing more green tea and some additional supplements to my diet to help in my quest to become leaner, fitter and stronger. Fingers crossed!

Until then,