My Fitness Diary – Nov 9th

So this week is my fourth weigh in and first measurement update since I started the 12 week Fit Affinity programme. I’ve come to learn that weight loss isn’t everything over the years and this weeks results proved this point to me even more!

The last week didn’t get off to a great start, I was suffering with stomach ache for a few days at the start and missed the gym. But I threw myself back into it, making up for lost time combining cardio and weight workouts to ensure I didn’t miss anything off of my list. Because I’d missed a few days in week 2 I decided to redo the plan for that week (so now I’m effectively on a 13 week plan!) – I wanted to ensure that I covered everything that it told me I should.

So I hit the gym every night after work, on Saturday evening before Strictly and again on Sunday morning – 2 weight based sessions, 2 cardio (one high, one low intensity) and 1 combined session. I felt fantastic for it and combined with the use of my old favourites, Raspberry Ketones, I felt I looked it as well. I wouldn’t say these help you lose weight, I know that there is no evidence to suggest this, but for me they really help to shift excess water and bloating. 

So after 4 weeks what have I lost? 

Well I’ve pretty much maintained my current weight, although I did lose a few pounds initially, I’ve found that gradually my weight has levelled back out. however, muscle does weigh more than fat & speaking to a PT it is possible I am building faster than I am burning and I may notice I lose more later on. But what I have lost is inches; from my hips, waist and chest. I have lost 3 inches from my waistline alone which I could see without measuring and from the image you can see my waist looks more cinched and my abs are definitely making a re-emergence. Happy days! 

Next week I’ll share some of my new routines, I’ve really enjoyed myself lately, hopefully you will do too!