My Fitness Diary – November 2015 Edition

As the penultimate month of 2015 draws to a close I have decided to give ‘My Fitness Diary’ a little make over. It’s the usual roundup of all things health and fitness in a new, hopefully more logical, layout…

My Month – November seems to have been THE month I got my mojo back in the gym. After months of struggling with motivation, darker mornings and shorter days, I have managed to get my brain in gear and get to the gym most evenings after work. I mentioned on my Instagram last week that I have changed my routine a little recently and it certainly seems to be paying off for me. In the Summer months I have no issues with getting up at 6am, getting my butt on the bike and pedaling my little heart out to drop some lbs and get in shape. But that isn’t working for me right now and so I’ve been getting a little extra sleep instead and spending more time in the gym on a night. 

My Workout of the Month – Strength training! I am absolutely loving lifting, I am definitely a weakling and need to build my muscles up a little bit (or a lot) but I can definitely see a difference already  in my definition and tone so will definitely stick with it!

My Track of the Month – I’ve started to use Apple Music while I’m in the gym and I have to say the R&B Workout Playlist is spot on, especially when you’re getting your squat on!

My Kit of the Month – Dumbbells – I’ve discovered a whole knew world of uses for these beauties since I started looking into and using more training plans. A good set of dumbbells will enable you to work all of your muscle groups out at home if you can’t get to a gym.

Goals & Achievements – This month I wanted to get under 130lbs which I think may have been a big ask, I’m currently at 134lb which may only be a pound lighter than this point last month but I have gained lean mass and we all know that muscle weighs more than fat.  I would love to get to 130lbs by the end of the year though and that’s still my goal… Don’t pass me the chocolates!

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