My Fitness Diary – Oct 26th

The first week of a new routine is always the hardest, and life doesn’t always help you along; social lives, work lives and home lives can often get in the way and you can feel like you’re being held back. But its amazing what a little motivation and forward planning can do when it comes to getting into the swing of things!

Following my Fit Affinity Lean & Sculpted e-book, last weekend I set my goals, took note of my current measurements and stats and got myself prepared for the week ahead. Over the next 11 weeks I am aiming to lose 1 stone, reduce my body fat by 5%, cut 3 inches from my hips and waist and become stronger, fitter and more flexible.

Last year I was lucky enough to work with a fitness and nutritional advisor who gave me a personalised nutritional plan, based upon the results of a oral glucose tolerance test. My daily maintenance calorie requirement was calculated at just under 1800 and if I wanted to maintain my current weight this is what I would be looking to take on each day. However, after a little bit of a lazy and over indulgent end to the summer I definitely don’t want to maintain and instead looking to cut down. Based upon my desire to cut I will need a deficit of 500 calories per day and a diet made up of 34% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 41% fat. Why the low cab intake? My body doesn’t absorb glucose as efficiently as it should and because of this I follow a reduced carbohydrate diet.

So this week I have undertaken 2 weight training sessions and 2 cardio sessions and began to cut my diet down. Breakfast has consisted of porridge made with light soya milk and honey, lunches of either low calories soup or wholemeal crackerbreads topped with tuna and salad and evening meals of chicken or fish with vegetables and wholegrain pasta or rice. I’ve been logging my intake daily using My Fitness Pal and monitoring my macros and calories. I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy, I haven’t hit my targets every day and I haven’t deprived myself. However…

This week just simply being a little more active and watching what I have eaten I have dropped 4lb which I am amazed with. The other measurements will be reviewed monthly but this is a massive motivator and tomorrow I can try out my new Fabletics kit as well – I can’t wait!

Next week will be a little harder, I’ve plans with friends 2 evenings during the week and plans with the family at the weekend. Here’s hoping I can keep up the results!