My Fitness Diary | October ’16 Edition

The past few weeks have been pretty hard on the fitness front. The darker mornings make me want tot stay in bed, the cold and wet weekends make hot chocolate and popcorn on the sofa far to appealing and I want to eat all the carbs.

So let’s get into this months fitness story…

My Month | You may remember from last months edition of ‘My Fitness Diary‘ that I had been struggling to get my head back in the game after my break away in Gran Canaria. I’ve tried to get back on a Carb Cycling plan and it just hasn’t felt like the right thing to do. 

During the Summer Carb Cycling felt like a very natural thing to do, my body responded well and I never felt hungry or craved anything. However, I’ve tried this a few times recently and I have been the complete opposite, I’ve found that most meals have left me feeling unsatisfied and wanting more. 

So I guess I’ll just have to keep trying and find something that will work for me.

I’ve not exercised as much as I would probably like to this month, life has got in the way a few times and some nights coming home and lighting a candle is a much more attractive option. I haven’t particularly suffered as a result, I’ve maintained my current weight but just got a little ‘fluffy’ around the edges.

For once I feel quite happy and comfortable in my own skin,

My Workout of the Month  I think the workout that I have enjoyed the most this month has been my weekly Pilates class.

Pilates is something that I have been doing regularly for almost three years now and something that I always look forward to and enjoy too. 

I have never had a particularly strong core, nor have I ever been really flexible (I was always more into Football or Hockey than Gymnastics and Dance) and I took up Pilates in search of been able to touch my toes and a strong core. 

For me it has been a long journey and I finally feel as though I have strengthened my core muscles and seeing some progress… I can even touch those toes of mine!

My Kit of the Month | You might remember that last month I went to try out the fantastic new Barrecore Studio in Leeds, whilst I was there I was given a pair of the Sweaty Betty ‘Barre Gripper Socks’ so that I had a little more control during my session (and essentially didn’t end up like Bambi on ice).

As I haven’t managed to get my butt back to a Barre session as of yet, I have been using the socks for my Pilates sessions instead and I have to say that I feel so much more planted and controlled in these than in trainers. 

I will definitely be picking up some of their actual ‘Pilates Socks’ soon.

My Meal of the Month | This month I have been really enjoying an old Winter favourite when it comes to meals; Tomato Soup with a Crusty Roll. 

It’s just so comforting.

For some reason lately I just haven’t felt that creative in the kitchen but I’m looking forward to trying out a few new meals over the next month and making some classic Winter warmers with a healthy twist.

My Track of the Month Yet again this month I actually haven’t listened to much music in the gym this month and have spent more time listening to Podcasts than music.

At the moment I am absolutely loving the ‘Chris Moyles Show‘ podcasts which come out once a week because I only get to listen to the first hour or so of the show on a morning before work and the Podcast is the perfect way to catch up. 

My Goals & Achievements | I set myself the target of getting back to my pre-holiday best by the end of October, I knew it was a long shot as I had a lot of other things going on throughout the month meaning I didn’t get to train as much as I probably need to, so I am not disappointed in the slightest. 

But November could be a different story.

This month I want to set myself some simple goals to achieve that aren’t weight related and that are geared towards getting me back to the form I had back in the Summer.

Therefore this month I want to make sure that I get at least three gym sessions a week in; one weight based, one cardio based and one relaxation based.

I also want to eat better and will be going back to have just one treat meal a week on a Saturday night, concentrating on fuelling my body better during the week.

How has your fitness journey been this month? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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