My Fitness Diary – October 2015 Edition

Good evening and welcome to another thrilling installment of my monthly fitness diary where I ramble on in a pretty organised manner about all things health, fitness and wellbeing from the last for weeks…

This month hasn’t exactly been the great transformational one that I had promised myself it would be in September’s edition of ‘My Fitness Diary‘. As the weather worsened I  began to wear my trusty Winter boots once more, however, after living in flats for the whole of Summer my back decided it didn’t like my feminine approach to footwear and I ended up being pretty uncomfortable for a fair few days and exercising was most definitely out of the question.

And so I actually only ended up starting on the Fitness Fondue plan last week and I have to say it has gone really well. When I started last Monday I was at the heaviest I had been since May (62kg) and I wasn’t happy in myself as I knew I was the only person to blame for letting things slip. I did four fasted cardio sessions and five weights based workouts throughout the week and tracked what I was eating closely, paying more attention to my macro split than those pesky calories. 

Yesterday I say the scales to where I was just before I headed to Italy in August (60.9kg) and I am so pleased with my progress. Already I can see a difference in myself, I can see tone returning to problem areas, I feel more energetic and and alert and most importantly I feel like I am taking back control.

In addition to following the Fitness Fondue plan, I have been drinking Bootea again – I know there is a lot of talk about how these things don’t work and that companies like Bootea play on people’s insecurities, but, I know they work for me. They cleanse me, help me shed excess water weight and I actually love the taste too! I’ve also been drinking 250ml of green juice every morning to help boost my much needed detox and get the remnants of my wayward diet out of my system.

Finally, it never occurred to me that my back problems may have all been a result of trying to strengthen it, sounds backwards right? But it makes sense when you think that muscles grow stronger as a result of being worked. I’ve always made a point of rolling my legs at the end of a workout as they’re prone to knotting but I’ve invested in my own roller so that I can work my lower back every night.

That’s all from me for this month, I can’t wait to see what results I can get this month from following the plan and yes I did take some before images so I can show you guys the results too. What have you guys achieved this month? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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