My Fitness Diary – September 2015 Edition

I can’t quite believe that it is now starting to get dark whilst I sweat it out in the gym and soon it will be dark as I get home on an evening. What a difference a few weeks makes! But as another month comes to an end it’s time to delve into this month’s fitness diary…

So last month you may remember I had well and truly lost my fitness mojo, I was struggling with my meal planning, my gym sessions and my motivation had vanished. So I booked myself and Paul a little getaway for my birthday in January, a weekend a Center Parcs. Nothing too fancy or expensive, but I do love it there and the fact that you’re off the grid for a few days! Plus knowing that I will have to get into a bikini that soon after Christmas will be a big motivator to get back into good habits.

I‘ve started to loosely follow the Fitness Fondue 12 Week Fat Loss plan – by this I mean I have started to reign in my eating habits back in, measuring what I eat and starting to get myself back into the gym more regularly. As of October 1st I am well and truly going to be on the plan and making sure I can enjoy turkey and all the trimmings at the end of it!

Paul and I are also doing a little fitness challenge where we will monitor our progress (weight, body fat percentage, etc.) over the next 4 weeks and at the end the loser will have to take the winner out for tea – what a deal?!

Finally whenever you’re in a fitness slump you can always count on new kit to get you excited about working out again and the new Superdry Sport range is awesome – I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but that has a whole post to itself in the near future.

September has been my worst month fitness wise in a long time, life has thrown me some obstacles to overcome but I am finally starting to feel like me again and I’m determined to not fall back into bad habits.

How have you got on this month? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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