My Halifax Pizza Company Experience

As part of trying to make the most of the weekends, Paul and I have been heading out for tea a little bit more and as we were heading out to see the latest Avengers film last night we thought that we may as well have a bite to eat first. 

The Halifax Pizza Company appear a few months ago at Broad Street Plaza in the centre of Halifax but as we don’t often go out for pizza we hadn’t got around to trying it yet. As it was early evening it was fairly quiet and we were greeted at the door and offered a booth opposite the bar. Neither drinks or food menus are extensive but to be honest that can be more of a hindrance than a help sometimes anyway.

So after ordering a large Pinot Grigio for me and a large Peroni for Paul we started to look at the food options. Normally I play it safe with Pizza and go for Pepperoni – but I must have felt adventurous as I opted for Carbonara Pizza whilst Paul picked the Meat Feast one. We also chose a Garlic Bread with Tomato & Pesto sharer to start.

There was no long wait for the food and the mains followed swiftly after the starter plate was cleared. The bases were delightfully thin & crispy, they weren’t swimming in grease and were nicely presented. Given that the were about the same price as those at Pizza Express around the corner but were much more generous with the toppings and bigger I would be tempted to choose the Halifax Pizza Company again if the opportunity arises.

The bill came in at under £30 which felt like a steal given the amazing service we had received and the gorgeous food we had. Sometimes it pays to go with the little guy I guess!

What’a your favourite independent pizza place? Let me know below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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