My Handbag Essentials

Whenever I read blogging tips, nine times out of ten I read that one of the easiest post to start out with is a ‘What’s in my Handbag’ style review. Although this little corner of the internet has been open for a few months, I thought I would share my handbag essentials.

First of all, the bag. My current bag of choice is my large tan Fiorelli Tote which I got for my birthday this year. I love the soft grained material, the fact that it has lots of pockets and detailing and that it is big enough to hold my gym kit as well when the day demands it. But on a weekend it only really needs to hold the essentials.

The two items that are always in my bag are my purse and my phone. I always have a case on my iPhone thanks to my apparent skill for being able to drop it in the worst locations – namely car parks, which without a case ends badly for my phone. At the moment it’s sporting one from VS Pink which has the advantage of being easy to spot in the bottom of my bag! I got my Ted Baker purse as a leaving present from an old job (maybe 2 years ago?) and I love it. It has so much storage inside for my cards, change and notes (when I have any) and the little twist clip section is perfect for keeping things safe in. Something else that I always tend to to have in there is a green tea, you know for emergencies!

In the summer you will find my Ray Ban’s have been thrown in and you will always find deodorant and water in here as well. I always carry a few perfume samples around in the little Sophia Webster/ Birchbox purse that you can see here as well, they come in really handy for post gym freshen ups!

Finally alongside my hand cream, nail file and tangle teezer, one thing that I always carry these days is a small tube of Sudocrem Skin Care Cream. This little tube is great to have in your handbag and is small enough to pop in your plastic bag when you go on an aeroplane too. I suffer a lot with patches of eczema on my arms and dry skin on my elbows which can be quite sore, this helps to soothe and repair the skin quickly meaning that I don’t have to cover up! I’ve used Sudocrem for years (ever since my mum bought a ridiculously large tub from Costco when I was little) and I love that I can now carry it my handbag wherever I go.

So there you have it, my handbag essentials. What are yours? Let me know below your top 3 bold lip colour products and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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