My Harmony Blaze

So here it is my new blog, Welcome to Harmony Blaze!

Who is Harmony Blaze?  The name Harmony Blaze came from one of those silly, but very fun, viral posts that frequent my Facebook timeline constantly. You know the one’s where you use the first letter of your first pet’s name & the month you were born to create a silly new name? Harmony Blaze would apparently be my hippy name & as daft as it sounds I really liked it. So when I first started to toy with the idea of setting up a new blog I knew exactly what I wanted to call it. Who is Harmony Blaze? I guess essentially it’s my blogging alter-ego, but if you want to know who I am why not check out my about me section?

Harmony Blaze is my way of combining my love for fitness, life & beauty. I’ve always been quite an active person since primary school when I attended a Soccer Skills camp one holiday & was awarded their player of the week award. I loved it & soon started to play for Leeds United Ladies junior team where I stayed for a few seasons. More recently I’ve developed a love for the gym & running. This May I ran my first Half Marathon & could not believe how good I felt after despite the blisters! Next year I’ve challenged myself to go further, not necessarily in one go, but to run more frequently, consistently & faster. I was never a girlie girl growing, I was more sporty spice in my style than posh or baby and I didn’t really start getting interested in beauty until I was at uni & had disposable income to spend on having my hair and nails done. I then ended up working for the company behind some of the leading salon treatments in the UK & that was it. I loved spending time in the salon being pampered, learning new tricks & trying out new products. That’s where I first encountered blogging.

Two years ago I launched ‘The Beauty Review’ as a way to share tips & tricks that I had picked up along the way, along with my opinions on the products & treatments I came across. Initially I started out just using a Facebook group, using the photo album to share product reviews mainly with my friends & family. I then moved onto a full site, bespoke just to me & shared my posts via twitter where I began gathering an audience. It still to this day excites me seeing where people are viewing from & how many people are visiting, reading my posts! A change of jobs caused me to have less time to myself, less time for blogging & slowly over time I began to neglect what I had built. Recently though I started to read more blogs again, started to use new products, visit new places & try out different training techniques. I found myself sharing more on Twitter & then it me, maybe I should start to blog again!

Et voila, after weeks of tinkering with a layout & style here it is. I hope you like it as much as I do here.