My Healthy Snacks & Treats Post

I feel as though I have talked about fuelling yourself right a lot recently and whilst I don’t want to sound like a broken record, I’m about to do it again. Once thing that people cannot get their heads around is what do I do when I fancy a snack or something sweet. So I thought I would devote a whole post to the world of healthy snacking…

Now don’t get me wrong, I would (and will occasionally) devour a Bounty or a Nutella Dipper quite happily. Just not everyday, they’re a treat on a cheat day or a pick me up when things aren’t going so well, it’s about enjoying things in moderation.

Snacks are not all unhealthy though and as with all meals there are healthier options that you can go for instead of crisps and chocolate. Fruity & Nut treats like those made by Nakd are fantastic for those with a sweet tooth and you can really control what you’re eating with these as they use a much smaller number of ingredients than other snack bars which are often laced with sugar syrups.

Trek bars are made by the same people as the Nakd products, use the same wholefood approach and have that added pack of 9g of protein per bar too! These are great for gym goers and I always keep one in my gym bag for those days I forget to throw a banana in my work bag!

Malt Loaf is a great fuel for endurance workouts – it’s low fat, high carb & low GI making it a slow release product – these mini loaves are great if you’re on a long bike ride, running a distance even or just need something to get you through your evening classes at the gym. 

Eat Natural bars are exactly what you think they are, wholesome foods squished together for a great, filling snack. Their Almond & Apricot bars are by far my favourites as they have a yoghurty topping which ok isn’t great for me, but tastes fantastic.

Finally, although Popcorn is my guilty pleasure (I am happier demolishing a bowl of popcorn on a night than crisps) my favourite snack of all has to be eggs! Hard boiled eggs are great in sandwiches, in salads or on their own and I think these colourful little beauties from the cracking little egg company make the perfect pre-workout fuel!

The Cracking Little Egg Company have found a way to make hard boiled eggs last longer, 4-6 weeks in fact! The reason they are so brightly coloured is that they have a special wax coating on them that keeps the nasties out and the goodness in. Plus they come with sachets of flavouring too such as Sweet Chilli or Sea Salt & Black Pepper.

High in protein, rich in omega 3 (those good fats again) and only around 77 calories each make these an every day favourite for me. Have you tried them out yet? They’re due to hit supermarket shelves soon (priced at £1.59 for a duo pack or £3.49 for a 1/2 dozen) and I would definitely recommend trying them out!

Let me know your favourite healthy snacks and treats below along and I look forward to catching you again soon, until then though x

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