My Heart Desires – April 2015 Edition

So this months ‘My Heart Desires’ is a little different to normal where I usually have five items that I really want to add to my arsenal or that I need for some reason or another. This month is more of a bit of label lusting if you will …

First up on my list of lusted after labels is Jo Malone. I’ve heard so many good things about Jo Malone products and in particular the scents. I really want to add a Jo Malone perfume to my selection as they sound wonderful and I’m in the mood for a new fragrance!

After my mum’s new puppy got his paws on my beloved aviators (well to be honest that is an excuse, they’re about 6 years old now and showing their age!) I am on the hunt for a new pair. These flash lense ones are just what I am after, bold, colourful and very pretty.

Strathberry! Oh my word, until last week I hadn’t heard of this company at all and now I am in love with their uber feminine luggage and accessories – there’s a bag on their website with a matching dog lead and collar for you know, those that can! I love home born brands and although they’re a little on the pricey side I would love one in my collection!

I’ve never really paid much attention to Under Armour before but I came across a shot that Chloe Madeley posted recently of her trainers and instantly fell for them (and as you know I’ve needed new kicks since last year now)! Yes again they’re bold and bright but they’re also functional and their kit and ultra kind hair ties look amazing too. Splurge anyone?

Finally (and seriously, the girl who was never getting an iPhone has been converted here) is Apple. My beloved MacBook 2.1 is now beyond upgrade and repair, just a standard laptop with a web connection (I use my boyfriends MacBook Pro for blogging). So I have been looking at the desktops for when we move out and consequently ended up looking at the iWatch too. I really want one of the sports watches with the heart beat monitor etc. for when I’m training as I think it would help me get so much more out of my exercise routines!

So there you have it. A little label lusting. What are you lusting after this month? Let me know below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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