My Heart Desires – March 2015 Edition

Evening! When I actually started to think about this post last week I thought it was going to be really difficult because there wasn’t really anything that instantly came to mind. Yet when I sat down and started to put this months wishlist together it all just fell into place…

So what does ‘My Heart Desire’ this month?

American Apparel Nylon Pack Cloth Gym Bag – £21 – I do have a relatively good gym bag already that I like, but, it doesn’t zip up so I’m always a little worried about losing something and this one from American Apparel is super cute, bright and compact. Just what I need.

Next Perspex Heel Ankle Boots – £55 – I am a big fan of boots and as we near spring I’m thinking about packing away the knee length options and opting for something a little different. I love the design of these and think they would almost go with anything, for any event.

Missguided Faux Suede Waterfall Jacket – £35 – This weekend I decided that I wasn’t really feeling the love for my black, leather jacket any more. Not sure why but I’m just not as happy with is as I used to be. This little waterfall jacket from Missguided caught my eye as the perfect replacement and at £35 it’s expensive enough to not look cheap, but will keep the bank manager happy too!

Hourglass Modernist Monochrome Eyeshadow Palette – £56 – I keep seeing this pop up on various blogs and sites at the moment and I am totally in lust with it. I really like the design of Hourglass products anyway, although I haven’t purchased any as of yet I don’t think that will be the case for long. 

Reds True BBQ (Leeds – Manchester – Nottingham) – ££ – The last thing I am totally lusting over at the moment is my favourite BBQ restaurant in Leeds, the amazing Reds True BBQ. The low and slow (meat smoking) specialists of the North have brunch, lunch and dinner options so really I have no excuse to not worship at the house of meat this month!

There you have it, what’s on your list this month? Let me know below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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