My January

Hello January and Hello 2016. I’ve read a lot over the last few days about goal setting, dream chasing and bond building and I’m really motivated for the year ahead and to fill my site with content filled with lots of love, laughter and life. Starting with January…

… and my monthly roundup of what is on the horizon, in the pipeline and what you can expect to see here on HarmonyBlaze, over on Twitter & on Instagram over the next few weeks.

NEW CONTENT I couldn’t do a post about what you can expect to see on here this month without talking a little about new content. You can still expect to see a fair bit of beauty on here and the occasional fashion post, however, as I grow more and more comfortable with who I am and what I am looking to achieve in life you can expect to see much more appearing in the fitness and lifestyle categories.

MORE TRAVEL This year Paul & want to travel more; visit new places and go on more adventures. This month we are heading up for a few days at Center Parcs in Whinfell Forest, Cumbria. It’s a place we know and love and I can’t wait to share our adventures there with you!

FABULOUS FOOD I have a few meals out penned in already. I haven’t featured the fabulous Ricci’s Cicchetti & Tapas in Halifax on here yet, which is astounding as it really is one of my favourite places to eat! I’m heading there with friends on my birthday and can’t wait, I already know what I’m ordering. Later in the month I’m also heading to the wonderful Kashmiri Aroma in Wakefield, one of my favourite Indian Restaurants and a chain I have featured on here this time last year!

BIRTHDAY ANTICS For the first time (I’m pretty sure) ever I am working on my birthday! Strategically using my holiday, I’m spending the day in the office and then heading out for a meal with friends before jetting off up to Center Parcs. Excited much!

GETTING FIT The last week has proved to me that if I put my mind to it and truly focus on my fitness, there is nothing I cannot achieve. Less obsessed with the calories I’m consuming and the number I see on the scales on a morning, I’ve become more focused on becoming stronger and leaner. Expect to see lots of getting fit style fun on my Instagram feed this month and Monday morning motivation. Less Coffee, more Green Tea this January!

So there you have it, that’s what this month has in store for me and for this little corner of the blogosphere (yup, the cliche generator in me is back in full swing!). What are you looking forward to this month? Anyone becoming a dry-athlete for the month? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon. Until then though x

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