My January

January is my month! Most people will be gearing up for a quiet month after the festive period and maybe even the dryathalon, but not me. January tends to be another busy month for me as it’s the month in which I get yet another year older!!!

So this is my January, my favourite things about the month and what I will be getting up to over the next few weeks…

1 – New Years Detox – January 1st will see me embark on 14 day detox. I won’t be going OTT with this, just eating well, cutting out the the alcohol and drinking lots of Green Tea and water. I’ll be telling you more about this tomorrow.

2 – Post Christmas Clean-up – The first weekend in January I will be taking the tree down packing the decorations away and giving the house a good clean before I go back to work. I love having a whole day where I can sort everything in one go.

3 – Working hard – With new ideas to implement on here and training courses and away days to attend for my job January is going to be hard work but worth it.

4 – My Birthday! – I don’t really mind getting older, it’s inevitable. I’m looking forward to my birthday mid-month and planning on catching a film and having a few drinks in Leeds on the day as well as catching up with friends and family on the weekends either side of it.

5 – Getting Out – Hopefully we can have a relatively dry month weather wise so that we can get outdoors for the first time in a while. There are plently of spaces closeby that are great for walking and my Hunter’s are screaming out to be warn.

So there you have it, that’s my January, what are your plans for the month?