My July

So I know this post is a day later than normal, but I really wanted to do my #WCW post instead, plus I’ll be honest I hadn’t written this either. So as the storm rages outside (it can positively p off as I am not a storm person at all) I thought I would put pen to paper on what July holds in store for me.

Time for Minions – At Last! I am so looking forward to seeing this film, since Paul bought me the Despicable Me boxset for Christmas a few years ago I have been waiting for the next instalment. This prequel follows Kevin, Stuart & Bob’s journey through time and their “evil” escapades… 

Time for Family – July is awash with birthdays and not only does that mean lots of cake, lots of food and lots of laughter, it also means lots of time with those that we love. Hold out summer it’d be nice to have a garden party!

Time to Trim Up – Holiday booked, I fly on August 1st which means in 29 days time I will be in the sunshine and I have just 4 weeks to hit my latest fitness goals. Bring it on!

Time to Shine – Is it finally summer? Well it might finally be that one week of summer that we have become accustomed to because looking at the forecast it is back to normal next week. Saying that this storm wasn’t in the forecast tonight…

Time to Pack Up – Not to move (not yet anyway, anyone want to buy a house?!) but to jet away for 7 days in the sun – I’ve already realised I have considerable more bikinis than days but hey that’s ok isn’t it?

So that’s it, My July in a nutshell – what does this month have in store for you?  Let me know below and I’ll see you again soon, until then though x

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