My June

It’s the midway point of the year, the time of year where we officially shed our Winter layers, say goodbye (hopefully) to the dreary grey skies and hello to Summer sun.

After spending the past few weekends on the beach I am starting to feel that I was born beach ready and I am certainly starting to crave that electric feeling of the sun on my skin, the getaway is definitely calling. But not this month unfortunately, this month I am looking forward to…

GOALS |  My hopes and dreams for 2016 that I set out in my New Year, New Goals post back in January. I think revisiting your goals regularly is important to ensure you stay on track and focused.

FOCUS | Over the past few months I have struggled mentally with leading the life of a blogger, I’ve felt disappointed with some of the content I’ve put out there, overwhelmed with the demands of time constraints and disappointed with my lack of direction and belief. This month I’m going to start to put a bit more me into this site once again and I hope a little refocus will help change things for me.

LOVE | After over a year of commuting and working away from home, this month see’s the better half of me move home and I am really looking forward to lazy evenings on the sofa, al fresco meals through the warmer months and impromptu cinema treats through the week.

BETTY | Thanks to Sky Box Sets I have been binge watching Ugly Betty for the past few weeks and I am getting close to bidding farewell to the loveable little rogue from Queens and her Manhattan friends. I never saw much of the final series the first time around and so I am extremely excited to settle down and watch it this month.

RACING | My favourite motor race of the year takes place mid-June, the Le Mans 24 Hour race and for the second year running I will be watching it from the comfort of my living room and missing out on a late night Ferris Wheel ride! However, that doesn’t mean that I’ll miss out on the trackside atmosphere – friends, fries and fizz will get me through the night!

My diary is unusually quiet in June and I’m sure that it will fill up soon enough, but maybe a quiet month won’t be a bad thing, it will give me time to sit back and take stock of what I have and what I want in life.

What does June have in store for you? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x

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