My Latest Fabletics Additions

I guess if I’m completely honest I didn’t ‘need’ any more gym kit last month, but when I saw this fluro orange top I just couldn’t resist! Say hello to the Berlin Tank and the Lim Capri pants…

When working out I definitely prefer my kit to have a more fitted cut than loose so this outfit ticked all of the boxes I needed it to.

The Berlin tank is super bright as you can see and the cut and design makes it create perfect curves where you want it to do. The coral front and print back perfectly compliment each other and the race back gives you the freedom to move that you need during a hard workout.

I teamed this top with a pair of plain and simple black capri pants. These high compression leggings are perfect for classes, running and even for a bit of post gym lounging, the way in which panelling is used on them makes moving, twisting and being down right overly energetic easy. Also the super soft material absorbs and lifts moisture away from the skin making working out an altogether more enjoyable workout. 

Now I must admit that I went onto the the Fabletics website to check the names of the items I was surprised to read in the description ‘hidden pocket’. I’ve worn these four or five times and never once found this, but they weren’t lying and hidden in the waistband is a convenient little pocket!

As always I have been really impressed with these items from Fabletics, they’re really good quality, functional and look amazing. 

Are you a Fabletics VIP? Let me know your thoughts below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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