My #LPBrookies

I saw these recently on the wonderful Lily Pebbles site and with the impending bake sale coming up at work on Christmas Jumper day I just had to try them out for myself. Here’s my attempt at the now infamous #LPBrookies…

After checking my baking cupboard I figured I only had a handful of the ingredients needed. So I headed off to the local supermarket, grabbed some supplies and then got to work in the kitchen. Yon can find the full instructions & ingredients on Lily’s website but here are my tips;

Don’t try to use a mixer to make these with, I ended up looking like I’d gone OTT with the bronzer after I created a cloud of cocoa powder trying to use mine . The old fashioned wooden spoon & mixing bowl technique worked much better.

I left mine to stand for a few hours but not the full four mentioned in the instructions, they turned out fine so if you’re pushed for time you can cut down on this like I did.

When it comes to creating the little cookie balls, coat your hands in icing sugar as it will stop the mixture from sticking to you.

As they only take 10 minutes to cook, if you only have a few trays like I did you can create a rotation system and fill one tray whilst the other is cooking.

Et voila you too can have your very own LPBrookies!

Have you tried these? Share your results & tips below!