My Matcha May

They always say that great things come in small packages (except Superman’s Kryptonite, that’s bad) and this little package from the Tea Pigs was certainly no different. This month is Match May and here’s a little introduction to the world of the super hero tea that is Matcha!

If you’ve ever taken a Pre-Workout supplement before you may have heard about Amino Acids. Amino Acids are an essential protein that our bodies need to survive, particularly for growth and repair and these little miracle workers can be found in Tea Pigs Matcha Green Tea thanks to the unique way in which they are grown.

Now I know what you are thinking, how can something bright green be natural, surely it has food colouring in right? Wrong. That’s another result of the leaves being grown under cover, they product plenty of Chlorophyl. After being dried and ground they are immediately sealed into these little tins to lock in the nutrients. 

So now you know Matcha is a Green Tea, I’m guessing you’re thinking of little teabags or leaves and strainer. Sorry but wrong again! Matcha is a Green Tea powder and it can be mixed with anything you want as it only has a very subtle flavour.

So here’s to Matcha May, lets get up off the sofa, have a shot of Matcha and get ourselves on the road to summer with a smile on our faces, think about it Buddhist Monks have been embracing Matcha for years and they’re healthy!

Keep an eye on my Instagram fro Matcha May snapshots and ideas and make sure you come back at the end of the month for a full review. Let me know below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

Have you tried out Matcha? 

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