My Merry Little Christmas

The past three days have been amazing fun. I’m a Christmas type of girl, I love the run up and preparation, I love the glitz and glamour and most of all I love getting to spend quality time with my friends and family.

Christmas Eve – After popping into the office for a few hours in the morning and putting my out of office on and having breakfast, I headed to the supermarket for supplies. I’m not one to panic about the shops being closed for the day – but the fridge truly was empty. Remarkably Sainsburys shelves were well stocked, the tills well staffed and we were in and out in no time. After unpacking we headed to see my boyfriends grandparents and then my aunti and uncle who had a house full with two of my cousins and their respective partners and children (who were very excited about Santa’s imminent arrival). After playing Santa for the afternoon all that was left to do was settle down with a curry and a glass of wine

Christmas Day – As it was my first day off from work naturally I had to have a little lie in. We opened our presents in front of the tree (I got an amazing tartan trench dress from Blonde & Wise and a keyboard for my iPad from my boyfriend and I got him a stack of car detailing products and the complete box set of scrubs). After our traditional treat breakfast of Croissants we dolled ourselves up and head out first to see my parents and then to his. Christmas day at the in-laws is a really big family affair, it’s brilliant. We opened our gifts (which included tickets to go see Top Gear Live next summer) and sipped on Prosecco before getting to work in the kitchen. Lunch was an amazing feast as always (I had three starters, such a fatty sometimes) and then once the table was cleared it was time to chill infront of the TV and then head home. 

Boxing Day – Boxing day we pretty much do it all again! I got up and prepared my LPBrookie mixture ready for dessert later on and got wrapped up and ready for the rugby. After watching a fabulous game at Headingley Carnegie (Leeds 50 Wakefield 28) we headed over to my boyfriends Gram’s for Turkey & Chips. Now when I say Turkey & Chips I mean another 3 course meal, and it’s Turkey, Chips, Vegiies Stuffing etc etc. I managed to not quite over induldge this time and after watching a little Top Gear we headed home once again and here I am – playing with my new keyboard!!!

I hope you’ve all had a great few days too,

Merry Christmas