My National Walking Month Tips

So for those of you who don’t know, this month is National Walking month and as the sun is shinning a little more frequently it’s time to tear yourself away from Friends repeats, get up off the sofa and move your butt!

Those lovely people at Living Streets have got six great reasons to get moving and here are my six tips to go with them and how you can make walking work for you!

1 – Walking for just 20 minutes can burn up to 100 calories – Everyday at lunch I try to get out and enjoy the great outdoors for half an hour. I only get a 30 minute break so I make the most of it, head out to the towpath that runs behind the building and give my legs a stretch. It’s always lovely down there and at the moment the nature is out in force too!

2 – Save cash on fuel and bus fares, take to your feet instead – Ok so this isn’t something we can all do, for example I work in the next town and I would have set off a silly am to get to the office on time, however, I have started catching the bus which means I get a little bit of a walk in getting to & from the bus stop before & after work. I will admit its a drag when its raining but the sun really makes up for it!

3 – 88% of people saw an overall improvement in mood after going for a walk outside – This really ties into the two above too, I love getting out at lunch. It helps clear my head and re-focus for the afternoon, if I’m stressed it relaxes me and if I’m feeling a little lethargic it energises me. It definitely works.

4 – Spend some quality family time, go out for a stroll – Why not head out after Sunday dinner for a quick walk with your family or friends or even to the pub on a weekend? I love going for a walk with friends, chatting on the way and having a rewarding meal or drink at the end of it. 

5 – Walking to work every day for a year would save 17kg of carbon dioxide – Well as I said above, at the moment this isn’t really an option for me, but for some it really is and if you can, you should. 

6 – Discover a new park, shop or lunch stop right on your door step – This is so true. For months I was ordering sandwiches from a local place in town and had no idea it was in walking distance. How lazy? I’ve also found a park and new trails whilst out on lunch too!

Do you like to get out & about on your lunch break? Or have a favourite weekend walk? Let me know below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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