My New Years Promises

I don’t generally make New Years resloutions as such as I don’t particularly believe that they work. I always have a laugh in January (and get slightly frustrated) with all the resolutioners invading the gym. However, this year I thought that I would make a few promises to myself…

First of all Happy New Year!!! 

Normal service will be resumed next week with regards to new post’s but I have few last festive / New Year posts to get out to you first.

As I mentioned above these are the little things that I’d like to work on over the next 12 months and a promises to me and no one else. Over the next 365 days I promise to;

1) Become more of a morning person. I like my bead too much sometimes, so this year I am going to make a conscious effort to get up and get on with it rather than hitting snooze.

2) Be more organised. I am already making progress with this one. I have my new diary, my iPad & phone have been cleared out and I think that this might be one I can manage.

3) Become fitter, faster & stronger. This is a bit on an ongiong one for me and is something I always strive for, however, this year I’m going to measure my progress a bit moreand see how I get on.

4) Be more adventurous. I’m a creature of habit. So one thing that want to try and do this year is be adventurous. I want to do something new (I have an idea for this already, stay tuned), visit new places and try different foods. 

5) Be more involved. Whether this be within the local community, my network of friends or at work. In 2015 I want to be more involved and play a bigger part.

Essentially my promise to myself for 2015 is to improve.