My Newcastle Haul Part 2

In the second instalment of My Newcastle Haul we take a little trip to Boots to stock up on so nail essentials and enter the world of WahLondon…

Many a moon ago, back when I was a super rich student (because we all know when you’re a student you feel more affluent than when you become a real ‘grown up’) I was a real Nails Inc junkie – I used to go and get my nails done and pick up a few accessories on a regular basis. However, these days getting my nails done is a rare occurrence, a treat reserved for those special occasions that only come along every few months (in fact the last time I had them down was in November!).

And so I tend to look after my own talons and to be honest I enjoy settling down with a bit of TV and my self built nail kit, giving them a little TLC. Until my little shopping trip I had a Champneys file that I had been using since the year dot, a stash of orange sticks and a trusty pair of clippers that I relied on to keep my hands looking pretty.

I’d heard of WahLondon on a vlog a few months ago (I want to say it was on Vivianna Does Makeup but I am not 100%) and so when I saw that their tools were on 3-for-2 in Boots I decided to take a leap and freshen my kit up a little bit. The Cuticle Nipper’s were actually the one tool I wanted to add, these little gold beauties were only £10 and they are so handy it is unbelievable. Be gone tatty cuticles! I use these on an evening as part of my weekly nail routine and simply snip away any excess cuticle at the end.

To replace the old orange sticks I also picked up the Cuticle Pusher, £9, which is 10 times better at the job believe me and works hand-in-hand with the nippers. Before using this I use a cuticle oil to soften them and then use the curved end to push them back into place and the pointy end to scrape away any excess and nipping away any loose ends.

Finally, the Buffing Block was my ‘freebie’ essentially (retails at £5) and this little lilac block is beyond useful! I not only use it to smooth my nails out and make them look all nice and nourished, I also use it create a lovely even finish after filing too. 

So there you have it part 2 of  my little haul, I hope you’ve liked this post – what are your nail essentials? Let me know below and I’ll see you again soon, until then though x

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