My Newcastle Haul Part 3

In the third & final instalment of my recent Newcastle Haul I show you a few goodies that I picked up in Primark which include one thing I needed and a few that, well, I just wanted!

I think Primark is a bit like marmite, you either absolutely love it or completely loathe the place. Personally I love it, but not on weekends, on weekends I would rather go fight with an angry bear than face the masses in a Primark store, it’s just not worth it.

But it was Tuesday, it was fairly quiet for Primark and I decided to brave it and see what I could find on the rails and shelves. As you may already have gathered I really like the basic flat shoes that you can get from Primark but the white ones that I got earlier this year had almost disintegrated at this point and so I was on the hunt for another pair. These tan ones go perfectly with my Fiorelli Tote that I got for my birthday in January and at £6 I really won’t be bothered if these only last until the end of the summer.

Next up are the two items that I didn’t need but that I really wanted. First up, my Minion vest! I’ve no idea if this is a PJ top or what but I love it and it looks awesome with jeans or shorts for a few drinks at the pub or a quiet BBQ, plus again it was only £6 so by wearing it once already I’ve probably had my monies worth out of it! I am a big fan of the Despicable Me films so this Bob vest was always going to be a hit with me!

Lastly, these RayBan-esque sunglasses were just £2! I love the mixed style and the fact that they manage to look very feminine thanks to the pale pink frames, despite being on the chunky side. 

As I’ve said personally I don’t mind a bit of Primark and I think you can get some great value staple pieces from there and I’m sure you will have seen some of these on my Instagram feed lately!

What are your favourite Primark pieces? Let me know below and I’ll see you again soon, until then though x 
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