My Perfect Palette

I recently saw this on Lily Pebbles YouTube channel and thought that it would make a great post as I love my palettes. Narrowing it down to just 8 was quite tricky but here’s what I managed to narrow it down to.

Best Packaging – This would have to be the Urban Decay Book of Series range (cheating slightly here I know). Both are A5 size so not really travel companions, but, they have large mirrors in the lid and the first had a pop up display in there as well!

Best Colour Pay Off – Another Urban Decay one here (you may notice a slight addiction here), but I have had their Get Baked palette for years now and it is amazing. As you can see Half Baked is well used. The three shimmers are very vibrant and look fantastic on the skin and Twice Baked can add depth to any look, or even be used as a liner!

Most Versatile – A tough choice, but this would be another UD palette and I decided on Naked Basics. Why? Because I can take this away with me and save so much space because Crave can be used as a liner, Faint on the brows and Venus as a highlighter. Also you can create so many looks from these colours it never fails to please.

Best for Travel – For this I chose my Sleek Face Form palette as again it cuts down on the number of products I need to take with me. The shades look great on my skin and last all day.

Biggest Regret – When I got the Vera Valenti Margarita palette I was really excited to use it because it looks so cute and the shades are very soft and neutral. However, the powders themselves are quite hard and there is little colour payoff or staying power. Not great.

Best Colour Names – Urban Decay. I love how adventurous they are with their names! My top two colours (based on colour, not name) are Half Baked & Sellout.

Least Used – Probably my MAC Inventive Eyes quad – other than Twillery (I think) I’ve hardly touched this and I’m sure I bought two but the other is MIA at the moment…

Most Used – My HD Brows brow palette in Foxy. I’ve had so many of these over the years and this one is fairly new but I use this every day without fail. It isn’t the most eye-catching of palettes but it’s practical and does the job. I would perhaps prefer it is it just had the one colour and the wax as I don’t feel the two lighter shades are of much use. But still definitely my most used.

So there you have is, my perfect palette post. I’d love to know what yours are two so let me know in the comments below or pop over the the FB page for a chat.