My Product Features – Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourjois

Those of you who are regulars will remember how excited I was back in December when I purchased my first Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipstick (what a mouthful that is). I instantly fell for Pink Pong, but I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t really go with everything and is sometimes a little too over the top for day wear…

Introducing Peach Club, Nude-ist & Hot Pepper (excuse the orange, British Winter time photo).

Just in case you have read my review of Pink Pong – I really like the REV packaging as it makes it perfect for throwing in your handbag without the fear of everything getting covered in lipstick when the lid falls off, I love the applicator as it makes it easy to apply and apply well and I also get on really well with the consistency and formula of the product.

I still don’t find these dry out my lips too much and like the feeling of the product on the lips and find that all four colours I have tried have had fantastic staying power and have survived food, drink and a full day in the office. 

Peach Club, as the name suggests is a funky little coral number, it’s not too striking and didn’t look too orange on the lips either. It goes great with my overly monochrome wardrobe and adds a little flash of colour regardless of what I’m wearing. Because it isn’t bright orange it is very wearable and doesn’t look out of place on a soft day look.

Nude-ist is the most natural of the range as the name suggests and is a deep, dusky mauve colour, with lots of brown undertones and a slight hint of pink that makes it look very subtle and uber suitable for the office. Thanks to it neutral shade it goes with pretty much any outfit or make up style, making this a versatile little wonder.

Finally Hot Pepper, as the name suggests this is an amazing hot, vibrant, sexy, salsa red. It’s very bright and vibrant and I like to think of this as Pink Pongs red cousin! This is definitely a night time shade but again it could be teamed with a plain, monochrome outfit or with something a little more glitzy if the occasion demands it.

When I know that touch up opportunities are going to be few and far between or on a night out I will always reach for these as they’re so reliable. What I would say is to remember that a little goes a long way and don’t be scared to build the colour up because if you slap too much on in one go it will smudge as with any lipstick.

What’s your favourite?