My Product Test – LQ Hair & Nails

You will often find me rambling about Protein on here when
it comes to what I am eating and in relation to keeping fit and healthy. But I
don’t think I’ve mentioned it in connection with warding off the early signs of

Collagen is a Protein that is naturally produced within our
skin and alongside elastin it helps to keep us looking younger for longer.
However, as we get a little bit older we start to struggle to produce the same
levels that we could when we were in our teens and we start to look a little
tired, wrinkled and generally older.

LQ Skin, Hair & Nails supplements may not look anything
special but they are packed full of something very special indeed; pure marine
collagen. This liquid formula gets collagen straight into the bloodstream and
the deeper layers of skin where it is craved so much, however, although LQ
taste’s better than other supplement drinks, the Passion Fruit flavour is
extremely sharp so it is definitely a down in one shot drink!

I was lucky enough to try LQ out for a week (each box from
Holland & Barrett will keep you going for 10 days) and although I’m not
sure that you could see any difference in the tone of my skin, I could
definitely feel my nails & hair were stronger and looking healthier than ever,
with much less breakage.

One thing I learnt from LQ is that there is an antioxidant
called Resveratrol that helps to reduce wrinkles, which can be found in LQ
alongside Hyaluronic Acid too. But Resveratrol is also in Red Wine which surely
means it now cures everything from heart disease to getting old?

Back on point (sorry but you know I have a habit of
digressing), overall I thought LQ was a good product, yes the flavour is a
little overpowering, but other than that there were very few negatives and I
like the small shot bottles it comes in because they are so travel friendly.

LQ Skin, Hair & Nails can be found in your local Holland
and Barrett or online for just £29.99 which may seem a little steep, but let’s
face it we only get one body; we need to look after it.

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