My Product Test's – Benefit It's Potent

Until recently, I’ve not been much of a skin care kind of girl. But then this summer I got thinking, I’m 30 I need to start taking care of my skin a little more. After all we only get one. So I’ve been trying a few moisturisers and serums out, trying to find one I really like and when my September Birchbox brought a little pot of Benefit’s It’s Potent eye cream into my life I couldn’t wait to try it out, 4 weeks on here’s how I’ve got on.

Because of the non existence of my skincare routine, the skin under my eyes often looked uneven, sore, dry and dull. I’ve always suffered with puffy eyes as well, mainly due to allergies and never really manage to find a way to control or cure them. I’ve seen lots of lotions and potions that claim they can cure all of my problems and make me look 10 years younger, but I’ve just never felt confident enough in them to take the plunge.

This little pot promised it would fade those dark circles and smooth fine lines, leaving me with younger, brighter looking eyes. How would it do this? It’s Potent contains blended hydrating botanical extracts to help boost collagen production and protect from free radical damage.

It’s Potent is a lovely, creamy consistency and has a nice light scent to it making it easy to use and apply. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling suffocated and has a nice cooling effect when applied. As part of my new skincare regime I have been applying a thin layer of this after moisturising my skin in a morning, using a light sweeping motion starting at the inner corner of the eye and moving out towards the temples, on both the upper and lower lids. I learnt years ago whilst attending a course for a new facial system that this type of movement is reported to help promote lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling around the eye area.

I’ve only been applying this once a day, in a morning, but have seen and felt a massive improvement in my skin condition as a result. My eyes look less tired, heavy and sore, much smoother and definitely brighter. I love the improvement and that it doesn’t require me to apply twice a day or dedicate a massive amount of time and effort to applying it as it soaks in quickly and provides a great base for my eye makeup.

I really want to try more of the Benefit skin care range following this, I usually don’t use skin care from makeup brands and vice-versa as in the past when I have I’ve been disappointed. But I can safely say that I have been really impressed with It’s Potent and I would definitely recommend this as a must try product – it carries the coveted ‘try me’ badge over on FeelUnique which is a great way to trial a product, commitment free and is £25.50 for a 14.2g pot which should last you quite a while.  

Oh and finally I’ve just realised I haven’t mentioned the gorgeous product design – these little pots and bottles from the Benefit b.right range will not look out of place in your bathroom regardless of style, they’re so cute and have a real vintage and expensive feel to them, you will smile every time you use them!