My Product Tests – The Body Shop Green Tea Collection

I’m fairly certain that if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will be fully aware of my love of Green Tea. I will admit it is an acquired taste and it definitely isn’t for everyone, personally I started drinking it on holiday in the Seychelles a few years ago and I’ve enjoyed it ever since.

You may have read my Matcha May post recently where I talked, maybe a little too enthusiastically, about Green Tea and it’s benefits. For the last 7 centuries the Japanese have appreciated the health & wellbeing benefits of these gorgeous green leaves and those genius’ at The Body Shop thing that it’s about time that we do too! 

Their new Fuji Green Tea collection is inspired by the rituals of the Zen Buddhist of Japan and is a truly wonderful range of products.

I picked up the Body Scrub (£15) and the Shower Gel (£6) to overhaul my night time ritual and transform it into a more relaxing and sleep promoting one. All of the products in the range carry that wonderful, light tea scent that instantly makes you feel more relaxed as you breathe it in. 

The Body Scrub not only uses Green Tea to make you feel more relaxed and cleanse the skin, it also has honey (as does the Shower Gel) it making the formula rich and silky. The beads are much softer on the skin than I am used to but definitely still get results, lifting away dead skin and pore clogging dirt away from the skin and leaving it feeling softer and more comfortable. The Shower Gel then completely cleanses the skin, finishing the job off and used daily helps the skin stay fresh and subtle in between scrubs. Beautiful.

I think this might be my new favourite shower combination, now who wants to get me the Body Butter?

Have you tried the Fuji Green Tea range yet? Let me know below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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