My Product Tests – Brow Archery

I know, I know I’m late to the bandwagon again with this one! Whilst browsing the aisles in my local Boots once again (I’m suprised I’m not being charged rent there), hiding away at the back of the Soap & Glory stand was on lonely Archery pencil…

I’ve looked for this so many times and only ever seen the lighter ‘Blondeshell’ shade in stock, which is brilliant for fairer, more golden girls, but not for me. I’ve got naturally dark, thick brow hair so I need a pencil that is much darker than Blondshell to fill in the gaps.

Hot Chocolate as the name suggests is a deep, warm brown that offers added depth and definition to the most unruly of brows. This is the perfect shade for me as warmer tones make me look healthier than colder hues, definitely more of a summer girl!

The Archery pencil is a 2-in-1 pencil-spooly combo that is perfectly sized to fit in any makeup bag and designed not only for am and pm makeup routines, but on the go applications too. The retractable pencil means there is no fussy sharpening to do and you can retract the pencil to store it safely inside the nib. Lightweight, it’s easy to use and the formula stays in place all day, looking natural on the skin, and then it comes off easily at nightfall when you want it to.

Have you tried this little beauty? I’m in love and can’t imagine my makeup routine without it! Let me know your thoughts below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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