My Product Tests – GOSH Silky Cream Blush

I tried this product out a little while ago now but just haven’t got round to writing about it. I’ve always been wary of cream blushers and much prefer powders, however, I do like to try new products out and thought this might make a nice change when it appeared in my September Glossybox!

Oh how wrong I was. I was really disappointed with this product. I have used GOSH products in the past and found them to be easy to use, effective and great value.

The idea behind this blush stick is that it will leave you with a soft flush of colour and silky smooth skin. However, I found that the product was quite dry and flaky, quite hard and over pigmented. It was impossible to get just a ‘flush’ of colour from this due to the consistency, it was too hard to apply with a brush and direct contact left a massive streak of colour on the skin. Forbidden Daydream (the shade I tried) is supposed to be a pale coral, but it looks a little bit more like tangerine on my skin.

I’ve not been able to find this online or in the stores so not sure if it is now a discontinued item but it isn’t something that I would go hunting for to buy and I can see this one gathering dust in my makeup box.

Can anyone recommend any good cream blushers? Have you tried the new GOSH Cream Blush sticks? I’d love to hear your thoughts.