My Product Tests – Makeup by Fleur de Force

I only came across Fleur de Force’s YouTube channel shortly before I headed to Italy this Summer, I’m honestly now sure how I came across it, but I’m fairly sure it will have been the result of a collab of some description. Anyway quick disclaimer, this post may contain fangirling…

Admittedly I am only part way through Fleur’s book ‘The Glam Guide’ but I have really enjoyed reading her thoughts on hair & makeup so far. Fleur is a girl after my own heart; she loves makeup, getting dolled up and her dogs. Piglet is just the absolute cutest isn’t she? She always reminds me of Lady from Lady & the Tramp although I very aware she is a different breed… I digress!

I was very excited about Fleur’s debut makeup collection mainly because I knew it wouldn’t disappoint and so I bagged myself a few items from Feel Unique when they released them.

The collection itself comprises of 2 Eyeshadow Quads and 6 Lipglosses alongside a Compact Mirror, Makeup Bag and her existing Lash Range by Eylure. I decided to try out a couple of the lipglosses (Lucky Star & Starry Starry Night, I obviously have a slight star obsession) and the Lunar Rose Eyeshadow Quad, however, I think I might be able to justify having the full range on my shelf in the bathroom.

The lipglosses have a beautifully sweet vanilla scent to them which automatically makes them a hit with me and despite being highly pigmented and long-lasting, they’re very lightweight too and so you can confidently apply before leaving the house and know that you won’t need to constantly top up unlike many other gloss formulas out there. Lucky Star is the vampy red that every girl needs in their makeup bag, a vibrant, orangey red that will look good all year round, whilst Starry Starry Night is a much deeper, red reminiscent of a glass of red wine that will definitely see me through the party season this year.

The Lunar Rose Eyeshadow Quad houses some of the prettiest eye colours I have ever seen and used. There is minimal fallout when you use or apply them, they last all day without having to reapply or top up and like the glosses they’re ultra pigmented and look great on the skin. I have taken to wearing the Baby Pink shade all over the lid pretty much everyday and using the Soft Mauve shade to line and define the lashes. But when I need a little bit more of an impact I add in the Rose Gold around the socket to create a soft, almost smokey look.

So yes I think the FDF range is that good I could justify buying the rest of it!

Have you tried Fleur’s collection yet? What’s your favourite product? Let me know below and I will catch up you soon, until then though x

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