My Product Tests – Models Own Absinthe

Christmas time, Mistletoe and Wine… I’m running out of time to get these lines in so you won’t have to endure them much longer! Promise. But last night I sat down in front of the tree with a glass of wine and prepped my Christmas nails.

I was about to say that a few years ago I had a real obsession with Models Own varnishes after discovering them in River Island. However, thinking about it properly that must have been four or five years ago now!

I got this little wonder in my December Birchbox and I instantly fell in love it on looks alone. The soft velvet lid makes it so comfortable to hold and apply and the colour is more subtle and closer to a midnight green than absinthe.

Unlike other glitter polishes, the varnish is actually a green as opposed to clear meaning you can apply this straight over the base and still get a really deep colour and the use of different shades, shapes and sizes of glitter makes every nail look slightly different.

My only critism is that it it gets quite gloopy after been open for a while and you have to wait until each layer is dry before applying the next. But it sets quickly. I’ve left it matte but it would look amazing with a gloss over the top!

I really like this and I think I might have to visit Models Own in the new year for a few more, but these are the perfect Christmas nails.

What are your nails wearing this Christmas?

Happy holidays!