My Product Tests – Nails Inc Westminster Bridge & Ciate Snow Virgin

Back when I was a student, during my placement year I discovered Nails Inc and it was the start of a lifelong love affair with manicures and nail varnishes. Over the years I’ve tried different brands and treatments to keep my nails looking on form, however, of late I’ve neglected them a little and done nothing more than give them a the occasional file and shape. I received the new Matte Top Coat in my September Glossybox and couldn’t wait to try it out.

I couldn’t wait to try out, but couldn’t decide what to do with it at the same time. I wasn’t sure my favourite nail colours would suit the matte look, or look as good. But then my October Glossybox arrived, bringing with it my first ever Ciate nail polish. 

I’ve always looked at Ciate polishes online when getting my haul on, the vibrant colours and cute, bow bearing bottles are enough to catch anyones eye. Despite this I would always fall back into the loving arms of Nails Inc. I knew I could trust them. 

Starting with ‘Snow Virgin’ a pure, crisp white. I applied 3 thin layers of the colour to build up a consistent and even colour. It went on nice and easily, layered wonderfully and dried quickly. I was really impressed with how easy it was to use actually, some varnishes you find are a little too thick and awkward to layer, this was a dream to use. The brush handle is long and thing, much easier to hold that the stubby ones found on most bottles of varnish.

Once completely dry (or so I thought as you will see in the picture) I applied one, thin layer of the Nails Inc Matte ‘Westminster Bridge’ top coat, instantly transforming the gloss white Ciate polish into a an on trend, bold, statement polish. I actually think I prefer the matte finish to the gloss with this colour, I just think it looks more seasonal and definitely feel that both products justify their price tag. Westminster Bridge is just £12 ( and Snow Virgin £9 (, much cheaper than a manicure at your local salon!

Wht’s your favourite nail look and brand at the moment? Do you prefer matte or gloss? Pop over to the Harmony Blaze Facebook page for a chat and to share your Ciate creations.