My Protein Pancakes

So Tuesday was pancake day, but because I was out for tea I missed out on one of my favourite treats. I love pancakes both sweet and savoury so when I had the day off on Friday I thought I would cook up a batch of My Protein’s Protein Pancakes.

My Protein have an amazing range of nutritional products to supplement your training with products to enhance performance and energy, encourage muscle gain and for diet and weight loss as well.

Wondering whether to get on the protein wagon or not? I would definitely recommend it – regardless of your reason to train be it weight loss or muscle gain, protein will promote fat-free muscle growth and help you look after those weary limbs after a hard slog in the gym.

These pancakes are incredibly easy to make, simply add 1 1/2 scoops of the flavoured mix (I had chocolate) with 150ml of milk, ladle into a hot pan and create a delicious stack of high protein pancakes that are ideal for breakfast, lunch or as a highly nutritious snack or post workout treat. As well as being high in protein (34g per serving) these pancakes have a low GI rating so they won’t cause your energy levels to spike and then plummet and ultimately keep you feeling fuller for longer.

I was super impressed with how easy these pancakes were co mix and make, they tasted really nice and rich unlike some other protein supplements that can taste a little watered down and definitely helped me feel fuller for longer. I think I have a new favourite healthy treat!

Get yours from My Protein for just £4.99 (four servings).

I teamed mine with my favourite Total 0% Yoghurt, Summer Fruits and a grating of Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate – what’s your favourite topping?

Let me know below, I love to hear your comments x

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