My Reads … Be Body Beautiful

Admittedly I’m not much of a bookworm anymore and much prefer magazines or blogs to wind down with at the end of the day or to pass a few minutes at lunch or in the gym. But when I recently saw that Lucy Mecklenburgh of TOWIE fame had released ‘Be Body Beautiful’ I thought it might be worth picking up.

Be Body Beautiful is a world apart from the usual celebrity autobiographies that you see gathering dust on the supermarket shelves. Split into 7 sections, you gain an insight into what motivated Lucy to take control of her health and wellbeing, see how she used nutrition and exercise to become happier with her body and how it can work for you.

I can really relate to some of the points that are put accross in this book. I know, like Lucy did, that I am by no stretch of the imagination overweight or fat. However, I am not my ‘happy’ weight right now and want to use the right approach to shedding a few pounds and trimming down a little.

I like Lucy’s open and host approach to health and fitness, how society handles body image in the wrong way and agree that a lot of it comes down to a lack of education and planning. The book has over 50 pages of nutritional advice within it which I have found really interesting, including a 6-week ‘Clean & Clear’ detoxifying eating plan and over 40 pages of fitness advice including workout routines that you can do at home (perfect for those days wehere you just can’t get to the gym, no more excuses), which includes a 6 week plan to go with the Clean & Clear detox.

The main thing that attracted me to the book though is the recipies. I’me a great believer in the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ and it is so true, as it doesn’t matter what you do in the gym if all you eat is pizza and chips! There’s smoothies, juices, main meals and even desert ideas that will help you to become a godess in the kitchen as well as on the gym floor.

I’ve not yet finished the book and can’t wait to try out some of the new meal ideas I’ve found, but I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a little bit of a boost or motivation this winter to get that spring back in their step ready for the beach this summer. Now where did I put my trainers…