My SOS Beauty Items

This is almost like one of those desert island posts, you know the ones. But this isn’t the 5 items I would take with me if I was to be stranded indefinitely on some paradise isle, far from it. Instead these are the 5 items I reach for day-to-day to keep myself looking human.

To keep my skin looking super soft at the moment I’m reaching for The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Scrub. Not only does this product smell amazing and instantly make me feel that little bit more relaxed through the scent alone, the micro beads help to lift and clear dull, dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and leave it looking softer and more supple instantly. A great little quick pick me up and essential pre-tanning step.

Next up is my go to moisturiser and because I am such a lazy bones when it comes to skincare I always pickup my Cocoa Vaseline Spray & Go. This moisturiser just smells of summer to me and is so light and not greasy at all on the skin. It dries really quickly making this the perfect morning moisturiser, or for those who simply cannot be bother like me!

My hair is naturally quite lively and fluffy and so heat styling is a daily part of my routine. To help repair damage and make it look sleeker I always use a drop of Garniers Ultimate Blends Sleek Perfecter Oil. Because it contains Coconut Oil it smells delicious and keeps my hair tamed even in humid & damp conditions. A real saver.

For those in between days and also for after the gym when my hair appears to have gone a little crazy I have always relied on dry shampoo and at the moment on Colab which I actually think is quite possibly the best I have ever picked up. It has a wonderfully light fragrance to it making you instantly feel a little fresher, it isn’t overly powdery so it doesn’t weight your hair down and better still it doesn’t age you in an instant with that talcy root look you get from others.

Finally a good Tinted Moisturiser/ CC Cream / Beauty Balm with an integral SPF. For years I relied on Benefit’s You Rebel and then I jumped on the BB bandwagon before recently switching to Max Factors CC Cream. I won’t go on about the product itself for too long as it has a review of it’s own very soon, but these little beauties just instantly perk up tired skin in a morning and a perfect for no makeup days if you just want a hint of something to make you look less zombie like.

What are you SOS products? Let me know below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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