My Summertime Post

Hello British Summertime!!! After months of hibernating indoors we can start planning on venturing out, BBQs and wallowing in beer gardens for the next few months as the sun makes a reappearance. If Christmas is the season to be jolly, this is the season of Sun, Cider and Selfies!!!

First of all, sorry to use the ‘C’ word before Easter has passed us by! Moving quickly back onto the topic in hand. summertime. We can finally start to think about packing away our winter woollens, getting our tan on and most scarily of all getting our legs out again!

So as we prepare for beaches, barbecues and bellinis here are my top tips for preparing for summer;

1 – Make a Playlist; There is nothing better than a bit of Will Smith or Bob Marley (I know they’re very, very different) to get you in the mood for summer. Make a list of your favourite songs, add them to your Deezer or Spotify account and crank them up whatever the weather for an instant lift!

2 – Gradual Tan; At the moment I feel like a bit of a ghost, I’m naturally very pale and in the winter I really do become a shadow of my summer self. So grab some gradual self tan, Dove Summer Glow is my weapon of choice against pasty skin, but make sure you scrub up first to avoid tell-tale patchiness!

3 – Work It Out; Start now, not when you’ve booked a holiday or when you have that wedding to go to next weekend or that ball at the end of the month, now! Get up off the sofa (says me who just ditched on my weekly Tuesday night 5k to blog) and go to the gym, got for a run or just search YouTube for a LBT routine. Get up and get active, and do it NOW!

4 – De-Fuzz; We can all get a little out of the routine of de-fuzzing our skin when tights are on the daily agenda. But before applying that gradual tan, crack out the razor and feel amazing! I recently got the Wilkinson Sword Hydro Razor in my Glossybox and I love how it reacts to curves and leaves my skin silky soft.

5 – Get Out & About; Head out to your local English Heritage, National Trust or woodland site and enjoy the great outdoors, get some fresh air in your lungs and sun on your skin. But remember your SPF as even if it’s cloudy it could be stronger than you think – prevention is better than cure!

Do you have any summer preparation tips? Let me know below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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