My Sunday Skincare Rountine

There is nothing better that a good skin care routine that you can look forward to each week and I love treating my skin on a Sunday morning. I do change this up from time to time and use different products in Winter & Summer months. Here is my current Sunday Skincare routine.

One of my all time favourite Soap & Glory products, and favourite body scrub, is Flake Away. This magical combination of Peach Seed Powder, Salt & Sugar granules in Shea Butter and Almond Oil never fails to brighten my skin and I use this all year round. It isn’t too abrasive and therefore doesn’t leave my skin feeling raw, it’s a delight to use and smells sumptuous. The 300ml tubs offer very good value as you don’t need to use loads each time and they retail at just £7.50.

I stocked up on the next item at Christmas and I’m already dreading the day I reach the bottom of the bottle. Of course I am talking about Lush Snow Fairy. The 250ml bottle seen here was also just £7.50 and the candy-sweet smell is addictive. I got lots of Molton Brown goodies for Christmas so won’t need to make a Lush visit for a while yet but I can’t wait to pick up a summery scent in a few months time! I use this with my Soap & Glory Body Polisher to make it extra suddy.

Once drying off I apply a layer of The Righteous Butter all over, this complements Flake Away perfectly with its combination of Shea Butter & Aloe Vera. Applied to slightly damp skin this butter leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth and nourished. The one above is a travel sized tub from a gift set I received but the full sized product is just £10.50.

At the moment I adore the above products and I can’t wait for Sunday to polish my skin once again.

What are your favourite skincare products at the moment?