My Threads, Treads & Treats | August ’16 Edition

I am both smiling in delighted and crying in desperation that it is already the end of August. On the one hand in means that it is now just days until I get to fill my lungs with the sweet smell of kerosene at the airport, yet on the other it means Autumn is almost here. Sob.

But August has been a month filled with excitement, freedom and so many happy memories it has been hard to pick out this month’s ‘Threads, Treads & Treats’…

THREADSThis month I have been embracing new styles, new trends and the warmer weather and I think the one thing that epitomises all of this has got to be my Superdry Isabelle Espadrille Wedge Sandals that I picked up in London in July. These are actually out of stock on their website as they are now just £17.50 (oh hell no Superdry, not again) but you can still find a few pairs in the larger stores.

TREADSOver the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of visiting the Joe Browns HQ in Leeds, the simply amazing Potting Shed Bar in Bingley and helped Pastille Beauty celebrate their 3rd Birthday in Leeds City Centre. But my favourite part of the month was last week when Paul and I hopped into the car and head up into the North Yorkshire Moors to Whitby, one of our favourite places in the world (no exaggeration) for Fish & Chips, a walk on the beach and an Ice Cream (or a Sorbet in my case). Whitby is one of those picturesque places that has something magical about it, I always feel at ease there, totally relaxed and happy and that is just one of the reasons we keep going back for more. Alongside the best Fish & Chips in the world!

TREATSOk so this is where it get’s really hard because I have treated myself to one or two (ok that might be an understatement) new pieces for my holiday which you can see in ‘My Monthly Favourites‘. However, I think my biggest treat this month has to me my Olympus Pen (yes I am that cliche basic blogger) and it is love at first click. I’ve shot most of my pictures on it recently and been so impressed with the functionality and the quality so far!

I’m pretty certain that next month’s edition will be filled with sun, sea and sand, but I do hope you have enjoyed this post? Let me know what you have been loving below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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