My Threads, Treads & Treats – August 2015 Edition

Welcome to this month’s Threads, Treads & Treats post, this month has totally flown by thanks to the amount of plans we had and it has possibly been my favourite month of the year so far and why wouldn’t it be it’s been filled with celebrations, travel and time away…

Threads – I have pretty much stayed in holiday mode since I got back from Sorrento over a fortnight ago and of course whilst I was there I spent my days in bikini’s and evenings in pretty dresses. But one thing I was most thankful for whilst I was there (especially on the day we attended the wedding, depending on who you listen to it was somewhere in the region of 37-41 degrees) was my little fan and how cute is it? I can’t see me having much use for it now I am home so I’m thinking of mounting it on the wall as a constant little reminder of the amazing trip we had.

Treads – Well for this there is really only one place I should mention which is Italy. Italy is quite simply one of the most beautiful, wonderful, cultural places I have ever had the pleasure to visit. Make sure you check out my travel blogs for further details on the trip and tips on where to go if you’re looking to take a trip to the area.

Treats – For a girl who traditional eats quite a low carb diet I did pretty well when I went away and I would go so far to say I ate all of the carbs available! Pizza, Pasta, Risotto, Bread, Beer… It was amazing and I would go back and do it all again tomorrow if my waistline would let me, but alas the scales don’t lie so I won’t go back just yet, but a weekly dose of Gnocchi may be on the agenda for the foreseeable future!

So there you have it, a very Italian Threads, treads & Treats this month, but to be honest this month seems to have revolved around my 7 days in the sun!

What have you been up to  and enjoying this month? Let me know below and I will catch up with you soon, until then though x

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