My Threads, Treads, Treats | October ’16 Edition

Autumn is officially here and now that the ground is covered in leaves, it’s time to take a look back on another whirlwind month where memories have been made, another hotel on the list has been ticked off and of course purchases have been made.

Yes my lovelies it is time for this months threads, treads and treats, my monthly round up of what I’ve been wearing, where I’ve been visiting and what I’ve been indulging in! 

THREADSThis month I have had to give in and layer up a little more and my trusty Barbour jacket is back along with my favourite Primark scarf. However, my black high waisted jeans from New Look have been my best purchase of the month and one that I know I will get plenty of use from!

TREADS | I was about to say that this month has been a relatively quiet one, but looking back if I did say that, I’d be lying! This month I have been to the bloggers blog awards, met with friends for breakfast, gone in search of fast cars and seen two of our close friends tie the knot. There’s a lot to be said of being busy!

TREATSMy gorgeous Limited Edition Wendy Dress from Blonde and Wise (seen above) has been my biggest treat of the month and one that I am truly smitten with. I’ve mentioned Blonde and Wise on here before and I know I will do again because their dresses are so well made and worth every single penny.

And so there you have it this month I have fallen in love with Autumn, bought the prettiest dress in the world and made so many happy memories I can’t even begin to share them all with you.

What have you guys been doing this month? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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