My Travels … Spofforth Castle

Yesterday, on the way back from a night away in Knaresborough for a wedding (more on that later this week) we decided to stop off at a local English Heritage site, for a bit of fresh air to clear our heads a little. That local site was Spofforth Castle in North Yorkshire…

Spofforth Castle is about 3.5 miles South of Harrogate in North Yorkshire and really easy to get to & find in the car (although I did have a Siri fail & ended up in a quiet cul-de-sac!).

The castle itself was the medieval manor house home of the Percy’s, one of the most influential families of their time in Britain. During the War of the Roses the house was burnt down by the victorious Yorkist side due to their allegiance to the House of Lancaster. Although it was rebuilt a century later, it fell into ruin during the following Civil War & unrest.

Despite being a ruin, you can still identify the various rooms of the castle as you move around it and appreciate the grandeur of the castle in its day. It was a really nice morning in North Yorkshire yesterday so we spend a little time taking in the site and enjoying the peace & quiet of the sleepy village. I took a seat in what would have been one of the chamber windows and also on on a block that would have once supported one of the gigantic arches of the undercroft beneath the great hall where the Percy’s would have entertained guests. 

This English Heritage site is free to access and there is free parking on the road outside too and it is well worth a visit if you get the chance. Make sure you visit the English Heritage site to find our more about Spofforth Castle.

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Do you have any favourite English Heritage sites to visit? Or any local ones that you would like to? Let me know below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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