My Travels … Super League Magic Weekend, Newcastle 2015

Despite following rugby for the last 8 years or so, I have never been along to one of Super Leagues Magic Weekends. It seemed ironic that as we are planning our move to the North East, so did they and held this years weekender in Newcastle. 

We couldn’t commit to the whole weekend though and decided to head up early on the Saturday, enjoy some of the pre-match atmosphere and soak up a little sun before sitting back and enjoying 4 hours of live rugby.

Growing up a football fan, one thing I have always found really good in rugby is that there is no real segregation as such between fans and everyone gets on really well and can have a little bit of banter without it getting out of hand. 

St James’ park was so easy to get to, much more accessible than the likes of Wembley and the Millennium Stadium for example that I have visited before and I couldn’t believe how central it was. After climbing what felt like Mount Everest to get to our seats we were blown away by the view from the upper area of the Leazes West Corner and you got an amazing view of the games too.

Alas Leeds didn’t turn up on the day and we got beaten, but we had a lovely day out in Newcastle and felt as though the city really had embraced the Super League family with open arms. Here’s hoping it stays in the North East for a few more years!

Have you been on any fun trips recently? Or did you visit the Magic Weekend? Let me know below and I’ll catch you again soon, until then though x

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