My Winter Bucket List*

We have now well and truly said ‘Au Revoir Autumn’ and ‘Welcomen Winter’ here in the UK haven’t we? It has been frickin’ freezing this past week hasn’t it, like snow is falling, pass me all the mulled wine kinda freezing!

Now that we are in December I feel las though Winter has well and truly arrived and seeing as I always feel as though I miss out on things I would love to as the seasons fly by, I thought I would make a little ‘Winter Bucket List’ with a little helping hand from my friends at Cohorted (aka the UK’s number one luxury beauty box curator).

And so without further ado, here we have my little list that is filled with all of the festivities, all the food (of course) and all of the seasons beauty treats!

First and foremost I need to dig out all of the layers for my Winter wardrobe – pass me all of the hats, gloves and scarves!

To treat my makeup bag to more high-quality brands and product (like these beauties from Cohorted’s latest curation) and use them every day to treat my skin a little kinder!

Get all of my Christmas shopping wrapped and delivered before Christmas Day (for a change)!

To not fall down the Boxing Day Sale rabbit hole – sometimes it is all too easy to fall for fake bargains that you come to regret by the time the New Year arrives … this month I will invest in more ‘longterm’ purchases such as those Joni jeans that I have had my eye on!

Bring Christmas to every corner of our little home!

I’ve mentioned some goals an ‘resolutions’ already and I’ve already started to draw up a few more for 2018 both personally and blogwise.

Actually send my Christmas cards before the last posting date!

Wear bold colours every day – from my favourite Creme d’Nude lipstick by MAC (the perfect shade for snowy days) to the juicy Melted Coral from Too Faced … Winter doesn’t have to be neutral!

Try new things!

Listen to Christmas songs every day and take every opportunity to watch festive films such as Elf, Home alone and, of course, Love Actually!

Spend as much time as I can with those I love and who support me through thick an thin!

To eat, drink and be merry for 31 glorious days!

Pick up gifts that I know people will genuinely enjoy and benefit from – subscription boxes make a fabulous gift, especially for the girls (or guys) that have everything, and Cohorted’s boxes can even be shipped internationally too with Royal Mail Tracked delivery (perfect for that second cousin, once removed, that you haven’t since you were 10 but that you keep in touch with because they moved to Oz and you want to visit) … plus each box has an RRP of £70, whats not to like?

What’s on your Winter bucket list this year? Have you discovered any beauty essentials? 
Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon, until then though x


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