My Winter Scents

I have a number of reliable go to scents that I regularly turn to in my bathroom, but I do love trying out new ones throughout the year. After recently trying out a few new candidates to add to my collection here are my favourite Winter scents.

First up is English Laundry‘s Signature, this is a very fresh, floral scent that is quintessentially British. Think country gardens and quaint villages in the summer. I find that this EDP is perfect for everyday wear thanks to it’s light notes. It’s quite pricy at £60 for 50ml, but you would definitely get your moneys worth from it. You can also get a matching body lotion for £26 and it isn’t too late to put this on your Christmas wish list.

Next up is Yves Rocher‘s Quelques Notes d’Amour, this is currently on launch offer for just £27.50 for a 50ml bottle and I love the design of the bottle itself. It’s so cute and would look perfect in any boudoir. The scent itself combines fruity & woody notes for a more subtle and sensual aroma. Again you can combine this with complementary products such as body lotion and shower gel to layer the scent.

Finally is Ma Vie by Hugo Boss. The scent of this offering just makes me think pink. It is very girly and floral in it’s aroma and the packaging matches this with it’s sleek pink bottle with rose gold trimmings. At £49.50 for 50ml (aside from the Yves Rocher launch offer) Ma Vie is the cheapest of the three but that doesn’t mean it lacks anything that either of the other two have to offer.

I love all of these and I think they are all wonderful, however, if I had to choose a favourite I think it would be Ma Vie by Hugo Boss for it’s value for money, scent and packaging. I will definitely be placing this on my birthday wish list in January.

What are your favourite scents at the moment?

Happy Holidays,