My Women Crush Wednesday Post

So every week I see my Instagram & Twitter timelines fill up with scores of #wcw posts, women showing their appreciation of over women, thanking them for being inspirational, for helping them and for generally just being great. So I though I would give some #wcw shoutouts to a few of my favourite bloggers…

First up are two seriously fit beauties; Carly Rowena & Chloe Madeley. I’m sure you will know who both of these fitspiratonal girls are but in case you don’t, both are fully qualified PT’s & fitness bloggers and are amazing at what they do. I love Carly’s workout video’s, they’re great for changing things up a little in the gym and at home and her posts are always so dreamy, especially her recent travel ones – total wanderlust! Chloe is so straight talking it’s fantastic and I love reading her early morning posts whilst I am putting myself through Fasted Cardio to get beach ready and if I’m not up and working, her posts make me move my butt and get on with it!

Next are two London lovelies; Scarlett London & the Elle next door. I have been reading Scarlett’s blog for years now and it always engages me. I have suffered for years with that hideous gastric issue blanket term that is IBS and only by reading about Scarlett’s struggles have I seemingly found the cause and began to take control of it. I only discovered Elle’s blog this year, but her witty writing style and open and honest approach to blogging just keeps me coming back time and time again. Oh and her style! I seem to have found someone who shares my love for Primark sunglasses, because you know we need them all!

Finally it’s the wonderful, amazing and fantastic Victoria of InTheFrow. I first started blogging in 2012, but in all honesty I had no purpose or direction I wanted to go in so after a few months I stopped posting and never really thought much more about it. Until this time last year that is. I was introduced to Victoria’s YouTube channel when a friend of my shared a video on Facebook and I watched it one lunchtime in the garden at work. I kept on watching more and more of her videos and started reading her blog daily and started to think about my little corner of the internet again. So I began to play around with a new site and well here we are, almost 9 months in and over 15000 page views later and finally I’m saying thank you for getting me going again.

Bloggers help each other everyday without realising it, whether it be a metaphorical kick up the backside to get in shape, sharing that gorgeous sunset in far away climes or just a simple like or comment on a post. I’m proud to be a blogger its a great thing to be a part of.

I hope you’ve like this post, share your #wcw below and I’ll see you again soon, until then though x

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