New Year, New You?

Emma is stood on a beach at sunset, the sun and sea are behind her and she is wearing a red bikini

I have a confession to make people, I am a New Years Resolutioner and I love it. The ‘new year, new you’ culture is something that I was brought up with and 110% believe in!

Over the past week or so I have seen many a people announce that they are ‘over’ the new year new me culture and everything that goes with it. But who doesn’t love a little self-improvement and motivation? Especially during what, for some, can be the most miserable month of the year.

I get that we have changed rammed down our throats from the moment the turkey cools down, but change isn’t a bad thing … change is essentially just evolution and we wouldn’t be here without it.

But the sense of possibility that pledging to change brings with it is an amazing motivator for me – I’m not going to commit to becoming an overnight blogging sensation in 2019, but I am going to commit to churning out more than I did last year and because of that I am also going to commit to at least one hour of self-learning a week.

And that alone excites me.

This year I have concentrated on making positive resolutions that are either based upon body or mind, as opposed to those that stem from shame, guilt or the judgemental opinions of others. I’m concentrating on making positive changes for myself, that way I am more likely to succeed as opposed to sinking beneath the inevitable tidal wave of pear pressure before the first month of the year is out.

That’s why I won’t commit to things like Dry January, Veganuary or Yoganuary anymore – because as fabulous as they are for your health, for the environment and of course for charities, I am bloody weak and I cannot say no to a glass of wine after a hard day in the office, a cheeky Nandos on a weekend or an extra hour (or three) in bed on a weekend. Yes those things may make me feel better, but I wouldn’t be doing them for me. I’d be doing them because that’s what every man and his whippet are doing and say you need to be doing too in order to be ‘a good human being’.

If you’re not a resolutioner like me, that’s fine and (in the words of The Greatest Showman) go and do like you do, I’m good to do like me. But if the only reason you’re not making resolutions is to rebel against an oppressive society that tells us we need to lose weight, detox and workout every day in order to be ‘our best self’, ask yourself what you want to be in order to be the best version of yourself … if it is to be more cultured commit to exploring or reading more, if it is to be more open to opportunities perhaps commit to putting yourself out there front and centre a little more or if it is just to have a better 2019 commit maybe just doing all of those things that you didn’t in 2018.

Wanting to better yourself (and using the excuse a new year to fuel that) is nothing to be ashamed of and whilst there are plenty of people out there who will want to piss all over your parade when you share your passion for change online, there are a few oddballs like me that will champion you too.

How are you challenging yourself in 2019? Let me know below and I’ll catch up with you again soon x